Looking In Looking Out

The forest as a means to conjure up a kaleidoscope of colours, contrasts and juxtapositions of colour, rhythmic repetition and the layered intensity of overlapping paint strokes.  Starting out with an intuitive feel for the developing work, rather than aiming for a particular finished image but, as the painting progresses, the image becomes more intentional and defined. I gave myself permission to paint in any colour or new way that I wanted to, I started a dialogue with myself that informed each mark and colour. A very simple question ‘how would you like to paint that bit?’ and then waiting for the answer. It was very specific when it came. So the forest became a vehicle and not only the subject. One of the new themes I recognise is that the forest is a vehicle for rhythm. That pulsing rhythm,going in and going out, as in looking in and looking out.

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