Eolas is Scots Gaelic meaning knowledge gained through experience.
Breezes moved through the studio via an open window; whispering ghosts moving between places and times with an uncanny material presence that could not be contained or pinned down; like a haunting, both there and not there.
The vertical composition and the concept of a fluidity and movement of all that is material was  inspired by Daoist philosophy of deep time and its ancient tradition of landscape representation using ink on scrolls. Within this philosophy the realm of light or the sky (Ying) is linked to the dark of earth (Yang) and mountains were seen as special places where these forces naturally come together.
The placement of the work, held by posts a few inches out from the wall, gave space for the wind to interact and move the paper in recognition of its elemental force as a powerful agent in the experience, perception and making of the world whilst bridging a connection between the actual outer physical landscape and the inner imagined one.
The layered image suggests a landscape experienced over time through varying degrees of visibility and differing weather conditions with a hint at the form of analog film frames.

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