Word Pictures


A white cottage sits next to an old drovers lane

A north wind rushes over its terracotta tiled roof

and flies through the valley stretched at its feet.


Behind a stone wall and rustic fence is a garden

In spring it bursts into luscious colour and wondrous form

A paradise for small animals that crawl and creep

in tangled grasses under foliages of green.


Thick mist lies here from September to May

a greyness over the upper part of the world

– hiding mountains behind a veil –

a land half seen half forgotten.

Pebble Beach

A ruined castle on a spit of land

Echoes washes over pebbles

and sail masts clanking in gusts

Beside cries of birds on rocks

And creaking wrecks of things.

East Coast Seaside Trip

Salt scratched steps

of hot baked stone

winding toward a shore

Of shining realms

lines of




a luminous display

of simple harmonies and

quivering silhouette notes

whispering in the breeze

beside tongues of foam

and soaring seagull cries

from streams of air above

wooden shuttered shops

selling swirls of ice cream

to anxiously waiting hands

Before haar sweeps in –

setting shadows in the mist.

The Ocean Weight

Oceans carry weight that balance

fertile earth and

light ungraspable air.

Deep grey

hard blue

glowing yellow

cold iron

shining gold.

Holding a mirror of light to

outreached chiselled arms

and elemental touches

marking tidal ends.


Far up wide skies above

wind hammered stubble green

and strewn dwelling places

of askew ancient stones

beside bungalow lines

with windows that watch

the curving bow of blue –

the very ends of earth.

River View

A sea the colour of lead.

A sky the colour of smoke.




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