Picture of Wind

The wind is ca’ing ootside
thunderin agin cauld stane
whistlin doon lums, n’
strewing leaves aboot,
lowin and greetin lik’ a bairn.

I took part in an ecopoetry ‘Writing the Wind’ workshop this week with the Sheaf Poetry Festival https://sheafpoetryfestival.com and the Canadian/ British artist JR Carpenter https://luckysoap.com.

We looked at at piece of text by Luke Howard entitled ‘Modifications of Clouds’ published in 1803. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/research/library-and-archive/archive-hidden-treasures/on-the-modification-of-clouds-1803

It has serendipitously been windy these past few days and made some field notes inspired by the text.

A fine spray of rain blowing northwards in a warm breeze.

A thin web of mist with sky splinters of pale grey, light pink and soft blue.

Warm air with an edge of cold.

Buffeting gently and ruffling tips.

High winds preceded and attended by streaks running across the sky in the direction they blow.

Large grey cumuli indicating the approach of calm with rain.

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