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Recent works behold, conceptualise and engage with edge places and sublime, majestic mountainous forms. These spaces are a performance of journeying and paying attention to phenomena and a quest for connection to remote wild places and the potential of the moment. The act of symbiotic drawing outside is a way of fully being-in-the-world, engaging with the micro and the macro, integrating inner and outer worlds and engaging the senses as well as the intellect.

Inspiration for journeying, looking and drawing are found in the meditative writings of Nan Shepherd’s ‘The Living Mountain’ and also in the work of the anthropologist Tim Ingold regarding movement as an alternative means to perceive and understand landscape.

Drawings made in situ emerge on the paper as if the landscape was engaged (as Cezanne also observed) in creating itself. Time, noticeable in the changing of weather, light and other coincidental elements, is perceived, recorded and described but within the act of immersed drawing hardly seems to have any length to its passing at all. Places become sites of interaction and identity with potential for shaping and being shaped.

When relocated to the studio the field sketches became a record that supplement a memory of an experience of place that are reflected on, played with, inverted, layered and altered to create expanded works with associated conscious and unconscious layered narratives of meanings and suggestions, including feelings of melancholy and ideas of beauty, fragility and impermanence.

For a more detailed explanation of artworks see the post https://sparksandwaves.wordpress.com/2018/11/07/art-proceeds-without-a-map/

Further writings at https://sparksandwaves.wordpress.com

Facebook artist page at https://www.facebook.com/alisonphilpartist/

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