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I have strong family ties with island life spending much time as a child exploring and discovering the living nature that it homes. I remain fascinated by the experience of Scotland’s remote lands; the creatures that become visible when you sit in it, the changeable weather, light conditions and also the power of wild places on individual psyches.

I try to imbue my artworks of edge places with an authenticity in order not to idealise or present them as places to be feared. Working outdoors in order to give attention to natural forms and the flux of passing phenomena, I draw and paint with mixed media materials on paper. The elemental often becomes an active agent in the artworks, raining, blowing and altering as weather paths and materials cross.

When relocated to the studio the field sketches became a record that are reflected on, played with, inverted, layered and altered to create works with layered narratives of meanings and suggestions, including feelings of melancholy, fragility, impermanence and an expanded memory of a sense of place.

I find inspiration for journeying in wild places in the meditative writings of Nan Shepherd’s ‘The Living Mountain’ and also in the work of the anthropologist Tim Ingold regarding movement as an alternative means to perceive and understand landscape.

Most recently I have started adding prose and poetry to artworks as a way to deepen and amplify narratives of meaning; this hybrid of word and image art often takes the form of artist books.

For a more detailed explanation of artworks see the post https://sparksandwaves.wordpress.com/2018/11/07/art-proceeds-without-a-map/

Further writings at https://sparksandwaves.wordpress.com

Facebook artist page at https://www.facebook.com/alisonphilpartist/

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