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Nature writing blog at https://sparksandwaves.wordpress.com

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/alicphilp

In my recent practice I have been drawing what is around me, mainly in natural environment, in order to understand it on a deeper level and place myself more securely within that world. I draw with an intuitive, reciprocal (call and response) approach to place and site. Light, weather, colour, sound and natural form are some of the qualities I try to render visible using flowing, mark making on paper with a mixture of materials.

In situ I draw with a new depth of observation, a sharp accuracy and am surprised by the images and rhythms of what comes out – being there affects the physicality and felt experience – at its most powerful this type of art-making creates a sense of visibility, understanding, humility, scale, perspective, love, awe, wonder, anger, injustice, grief, loss, compassion, empathy, urgency and desire to act and to protect.

I have been Inspired by the meditative writings of Nan Shepherd’s ‘The Living Mountain’ and also in the work of the anthropologist Tim Ingold regarding movement as an alternative means to perceive and understand landscape. Other influential writers are Alice Oswald, Barbara Hurd, Annie Dillard and Rebecca Solnit.

Hybrid artworks of text and image often take the form of hand-made artist books.

BA(Hons) from Edinburgh College of Art and an MFA in Art and Humanities from the University of Dundee.

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