Genius Loci – The Walk to the Cave, a five minute soundwalk.

Inspired in part by the poem Dart by Alice Oswald. The concrete poetry of 'Genius Loci' collapses the human/ nature / spirit divide while being aware of the problems involved in their many connections and rifts. Images were drawn in situ on the journey to the cave. A5 booklet, 12 pages, stapled binding.


Paper, Stones and Weather. A drawing in four days.

Weather appears in this lens-based work as both a creative and a destructive force. Elements of water, earth, fire and air mix with materials of ink and paper, the eye and hand in dialogue with the effects of time and weather. A5 booklet, 10 pages, stapled binding.


Mountain Haiku in Blue

Haiku poems and images about mountains and the colour blue. A6 booklet on recycled paper, handstitched, 8 pages.