Tragedies of the Anthropocene

What might future landscapes look like? Graphic depictions of place images sourced from the internet and painterly interpretations of areas of deforestation. Images are immediately aesthetic and conceal their reality of destruction for a time behind pleasing colour and composition.




A World of Extremes – The Binary



In painting and in drawing black and white is an invitation to think about what you see whereas colour is an invitation to feel a visceral joy in what you see.

The philosophies of vibrant matter (Jane Bennett) and ‘becoming’ (Deleuze) as a solution to the ‘us’ and ‘them’  of binaries. Oppositions and polarisations enforced by modern media that create exclusions and make communities ineffective.

pleasure and pain

tragedy and comedy

abyss and sky

chaos and order

fiction and reality

machine and nature

obscure and clear

apollo and dionysus

ancient and future

storm and calm

yes and no (as in decisions of life and painting)

active and passive



The Idyll

Forest School Outdoor Education day making willow charcoal and drawing the landscape.





charcoal3 for more information.

Reading List

Education and Inequality

Poetic Ephemeral and Dappled Light

ephemeral —

transitory, transient, fleeting, passing, short-lived, momentary, brief, short; temporary, impermanent, short-term; fly-by-night
ANTONYMS permanent

The in between of worlds when things start to slip into shadowlands and dappled lights play softly along its surface. When anything is possible, dreams stretch into the distance and horizons buzz with possibilities.

In search of the poetic and dappled light.

in the half-light of dusk
after the day has prepared
hard surfaces for inspection
before the night has plunged
things back into themselves
there is a settlement in which
the external and the internal are
continuous with the evening air
if you are alone at the edge
of shadows you are not alone
the hours of light shine in you
with a compacted energy that
also burns in tree and stone
partly revealed and partly veiled
Thomas A. Clark